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Hey friends!

We have decided to release the character models of Friends VS Friends that the team has worked really hard on, for people to use them non-commercially for memes, fanart or whatever fanbase wants to have fun with!
(ya'll were already ripping them off, so we'd rather you get them from a reputable source and with our permission).

Instructions found in the read me file are written exclusively for Blender, as it's the software we work with. 

Edit 03.06.23: Added weapons

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AuthorBrainwash Gang
Tags3d-model, Furry


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Also ran into a problem where some of them don't have finger bones.
The one's I have ran into that don't have finger bones are 


Tiger (She is also missing leg, feet, and arm bones.)

And woodpecker is missing leg and feet bones

I'm just wondering, where is FKF Dingo at?

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I’m trying to export this into unity so I can put it in vrchat but the materials don’t work and the model tries to break its neck every time, can anyone help?

omg yall are so based for releasing this! im gonna make lil animations of them being friends :3


I just bought FvF and have been having a good time. It's so cool for you guys to do this!

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Hey I've been going through the models recently and noticed the problems listed below:

  • Cats arms can't be moved
  • Crocodile has too few leg bones limiting more complex posing 
  • Dobermans bones copy for both directions (a movement on the left  body part affects the right and vice versa, affects both arms and legs) 
  • Duck: same problem as croc
  • Hare's arms can't move and the legs are same as croc 
  • Moose: croc problem and has odd purple top mouth copy under top of mouth (pic of it listed above because hard to describe)
  • Polarbear: same bone problem as Doberman, too few leg bones
  • Seagulls legs can't be moved in any way, only feet can be (slightly) lifted (and doesn't have any other leg bones)
  • Tiger has same bone problem as Doberman, too few leg bones
  • Woodpeckers bone don't affect anything and doesn't have any leg bones 

I'm not the most experienced in blender so I could be wrong on a bit or two but even so I am very disappointed in the current state of this pack and hope you use these points fixing it up (Especially if these are the same models used in game)


Heyo - I went through a majority of your bullet points, and they are all actually fine.

Be sure you're moving the right bones. These rigs (all the same btw), have both IK and FK rigs. Be sure you're showing the right ones by toggling on the bone layers. If you don't know what this is, google it.

When positions are being mirrored, it's because X-mirror is on. You're right that the doberman's is on unlike the others, but you can just toggle that off. it's a good feature to be aware of when posing/animating stuff anyways.

In addition, a game's Blender file isn't always super indicative of their actual game files. For example, the blender files here have controller bones (the ik bones), which are likely not in the actual engine. Or they could be, but usually assembled in the engine themselves. All that to say that the blend file =/= game prefab assets.

But yeah blenders nuts. you'll get it.

-Oh, Missing texture on moose is legit. 

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Thanks a lot


the bone textures are missing for some reason


ok ive double checked the blender files and some of them don't have the texture for the bones like in them?? basically they can't be unpacke


sorry, i will add tomorrow to the pack the texture. Its looks like there was an error when the textures were packed.


This is so cool, wish more devs would do stuff like this


This is super cool of you <3