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"Far deep into the woods lived a family of mice, there weren't two or three or four but dozens of mouths..."

"Mother of Many" is a horde killing roguetale. Harvest vegetables, make a soup with your older sister and get stronger in order to end your family's curse.

🧄 Controls:

Keyboard & Mouse
WASD - Move
Mouse - Aim
Space - Jump
LMB - Attack / Interact
RMB - Secondary interact
Scroll Wheel - Switch seed / object
Scroll Wheel Press - Select object
Escape - Pause
Tab - Show stats

Left stick - Move
Right stick- Aim
South button - Jump
Right trigger - Attack / Interact
Left trigger - Secondary interact
RB-LB - Switch seed / object
East button - Select object
Start button - Pause
D-Pad down - Show stats

🧅 A Brainwash Gang's internal gamejam game, made by (in no particular order):

Sergio "Pikas"Jorge MonlongoBeícoliRaferBiniQuike ZárragaJavi "Pinnit"Marcos Vendrell - Eva CidCarlos CortésEdu VerzMohammed Bakir KhawamMarc SuredaCarlos C. GurpeguiLeGord - Joel TorrentRed ForgeIvan Papiol - Jose María "The Cat Sidhe"

🥔 Fonts: Medieval Scroll of Wisdom, Unicode 8x12
🧄 Influences: Vampire Survivors, Devil Daggers, The VVitch (2015 movie)

🍑 Your download now also includes an Art Breakdown Zine of our artistic process for making this game.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
AuthorBrainwash Gang
Tags3d-pixel-art, hordes


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mother-of-many_v0.2.zip 64 MB
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Not played a horde game like this but I found out about it from a video on youtube. I'll admit for me it's sad there's not good ending for this at all even though it's clear the Mother of many is not good in any way she clearly taunts and belittles you for every attempt and it's also clear this won't stop till she's dead. But I guess that's not going to happen which makes me sad more so as I wanted to see this end the plot makes me feel bad for this mouse family. If anything I'd want to hug the sister before I had to kill her. Also how am I to win? I think the possessed  sister can be damaged as I see damage numbers but the vermin end up killing me every time so I can't say if the is an ending

I am not going to lie, I didn't really read the "horde killing" and "inspired by Vampire Survivors" part, so the part that came after killing your sister came as quite a shock (in a good way)! The gameplay is very crisp and responsive, taking the Vampire Survivors concept from 2D to 3D was an awesome idea, and the leveling system was a delight to explore, with all the different vegetables and recipes!

Of course, the artstyle and the plot really ties it all together, tying a hardcore action gameplay with a somber and fatalist narrative. The two didn't feel like they would mix, but you really excelled at it! 

This is just a personal reading, but I didn't quite realize that you keep playing as one mouse. I thought that if you fail, you kill the eldest sister, and then you become the elder sister that is destined to be killed. And the idea of this roguelite that still has a risk factor (albeit an emotional one) is stellar. If you cannot beat Mother of Many in this run, nothing happens to you the player, but you know that you allow this cycle to continue and resulted in a death of yet another sister. That is such a gut punch, and really incentivizes the player to beat the game as quickly as possible. 

I know this reading doesn't seem to be the correct one, judging by the ending, you always played as one mouse, but I don't know whether this was influenced by an artistic choice or time constraints on the project. The theme of incremental progression of a society to elevate oneself above a cruel deity and a backwards ritual is a theme that really shines within your project.

Apologies for the long message, I just wanted to tell you just how much I loved your folks' work. Thank you so much for making this game and wish you all the best in your future projects!

pretty good game i just wish there was more to the ending


get more items add a few endings put it on steam for 9.99 and you got yourself a good game. would highly recomend

This game was fantastic! I’d really love to see a full game release. I think you guys came up with something amazing and so fun! The art is beautiful! It feels like something out of a childrens horror book aha and the story is nuts! Thank you so much! 

A little about myself! I’m Yung MuShu. A content creator on Twitch and YouTube. On Twitch I’m a variety streamer that plays a bit of everything but on YouTube I specialize in giving reviews on indie and itch.io games. Personally I love itch.io games. They feel so personal. Maybe that’s just me. If you like my content, let me know! Or maybe hit me with a like and subscribe?!

I got sooo close to making it, there were so many vermin I couldn't breathe! Hoping to see this turned into a full fledged commercial release. :)

Hola! tenéis pensado sacarlo para Mac?

La verdad que sería complicado ahora mismo :(

Better to play with keyboard or controller ?

Whatever you prefer :D


This game was really fun. I really liked the leveling and uprgrade system. Great work!


The game is simple and fun. That is great. The story also drew me in and while I didn't get the ending, the gameplay itself kept me at it. I hope you made an endless mode.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Thank you so much for playing! 🧡🐭


so how do you get the good ending(or if there is no way to break the cycle)and how do the miracle plants work i know you cook them with other plants to get certain abilities but im wondering if they have something to do with a secret good ending

No secret ending, sorry! This was a very short development and ran out of time, but it sure would have been cool to have a good ending 🐭


I never thought that I could enjoy horde shooters, but this one got me right away.


So glad to hear you've enjoyed it! 🧡🐭


Mi nivel de ingles es bajo de narices xd ¿Se prevé traducirlos al castellano?

Es un juego pequeñito que hemos hecho en poco tiempo y desgraciadamente no planeamos invertir muchos más recursos del estudio en él. Gracias por tu interés! 🧡


Thank you, for this little Cruel Tale.
Pleasant surprise. First attracted by the stage of the trailer; I immersed myself in it with all my body and soul!

A simple and effective gameplay, reminding me of "Devil's Dagger".

An atmosphere and an OST, evoking "Nongunz" to me.

And an addictive mechanic, like a certain Big-Bang VampireSurvivor... And I wish you the same glory!

The game, as it stands, is fantastic; he could have so many other Levels, Upgrade, Farming and I want to look straight in the eye, this "Mother of Many"! I dream it !

I wish you all the best and again, THANK YOU!


We're so glad you've enjoyed it! Thank you so much for your support💖


Vaya putos cracks. Cuánta envidia.



Very good! Loved it.

Thank you so much for playing 🧡


It just feels wrong downloading such a fun game for free. Amazing work!

Thank you for your kind words 🧡🧡


It's excellent. How is this free?


Gracias Maikel! 🧡 Harvest has been good for us this year 🐭


¿Soy el único incauto subiendo el stat de Miracle? Mother of Many oh, hear thy prayer...!


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Me ha costado 9 noches y casi una muñeca pero lo he conseguido, que pasada de juego ties :_)

Muchas gracias por jugar con tanta pasión 🧡🔥


Excellent game. Frantic and addictive action. Congratulations on your game, guys.

Thank you sm for your kind words 💖

Show post...


Thank you for playing! ^w^)/🧡🧡


10/10 would murder my sister again




Tremebundo juegardo que os habéis marcado!


Muchas gracias por jugar! 🧡


So...I guess this is never happening for your 'Friends Killing Friends' game is it? I'm not the only one either, there are a bunch of people asking for a way to play offline with bots or something. 


Copypasting a previous message from our discord:
"We're still working on FKF, but we've had to stop posting updates on itch.io. Hopefully we have news relatively soon, but the next public update will have significantly a lot of more new stuff ^w^)"

Thank you so much for your interest in FKF!