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"Far deep into the woods lived a family of mice, there weren't two or three or four but dozens of mouths..."

"Mother of Many" is a horde killing roguetale. Harvest vegetables, make a soup with your older sister and get stronger in order to end your family's curse.

🧄 Controls:

Keyboard & Mouse
WASD - Move
Mouse - Aim
Space - Jump
LMB - Attack / Interact
RMB - Secondary interact
Scroll Wheel - Switch seed / object
Scroll Wheel Press - Select object
Escape - Pause
Tab - Show stats

Left stick - Move
Right stick- Aim
South button - Jump
Right trigger - Attack / Interact
Left trigger - Secondary interact
RB-LB - Switch seed / object
East button - Select object
Start button - Pause
D-Pad down - Show stats

🧅 A Brainwash Gang's internal gamejam game, made by (in no particular order):

Sergio "Pikas"Jorge MonlongoBeícoliRaferBiniQuike ZárragaJavi "Pinnit"Marcos Vendrell - Eva CidCarlos CortésEdu VerzMohammed Bakir KhawamMarc SuredaCarlos C. GurpeguiLeGord - Joel TorrentRed ForgeIvan Papiol - Jose María "The Cat Sidhe"

🥔 Fonts: Medieval Scroll of Wisdom, Unicode 8x12
🧄 Influences: Vampire Survivors, Devil Daggers, The VVitch (2015 movie)

🍑 Your download now also includes an Art Breakdown Zine of our artistic process for making this game.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
AuthorBrainwash Gang
Tags3d-pixel-art, hordes


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mother-of-many_v0.2.zip 64 MB
BG_MoMArtBreakdownZine.pdf 54 MB


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pretty good game i just wish there was more to the ending


get more items add a few endings put it on steam for 9.99 and you got yourself a good game. would highly recomend

This game was fantastic! I’d really love to see a full game release. I think you guys came up with something amazing and so fun! The art is beautiful! It feels like something out of a childrens horror book aha and the story is nuts! Thank you so much! 

A little about myself! I’m Yung MuShu. A content creator on Twitch and YouTube. On Twitch I’m a variety streamer that plays a bit of everything but on YouTube I specialize in giving reviews on indie and itch.io games. Personally I love itch.io games. They feel so personal. Maybe that’s just me. If you like my content, let me know! Or maybe hit me with a like and subscribe?!

I got sooo close to making it, there were so many vermin I couldn't breathe! Hoping to see this turned into a full fledged commercial release. :)

Hola! tenéis pensado sacarlo para Mac?

La verdad que sería complicado ahora mismo :(

Better to play with keyboard or controller ?

Whatever you prefer :D


This game was really fun. I really liked the leveling and uprgrade system. Great work!


The game is simple and fun. That is great. The story also drew me in and while I didn't get the ending, the gameplay itself kept me at it. I hope you made an endless mode.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Thank you so much for playing! 🧡🐭


so how do you get the good ending(or if there is no way to break the cycle)and how do the miracle plants work i know you cook them with other plants to get certain abilities but im wondering if they have something to do with a secret good ending

No secret ending, sorry! This was a very short development and ran out of time, but it sure would have been cool to have a good ending 🐭


I never thought that I could enjoy horde shooters, but this one got me right away.


So glad to hear you've enjoyed it! 🧡🐭


Mi nivel de ingles es bajo de narices xd ¿Se prevé traducirlos al castellano?

Es un juego pequeñito que hemos hecho en poco tiempo y desgraciadamente no planeamos invertir muchos más recursos del estudio en él. Gracias por tu interés! 🧡


Thank you, for this little Cruel Tale.
Pleasant surprise. First attracted by the stage of the trailer; I immersed myself in it with all my body and soul!

A simple and effective gameplay, reminding me of "Devil's Dagger".

An atmosphere and an OST, evoking "Nongunz" to me.

And an addictive mechanic, like a certain Big-Bang VampireSurvivor... And I wish you the same glory!

The game, as it stands, is fantastic; he could have so many other Levels, Upgrade, Farming and I want to look straight in the eye, this "Mother of Many"! I dream it !

I wish you all the best and again, THANK YOU!


We're so glad you've enjoyed it! Thank you so much for your support💖


Vaya putos cracks. Cuánta envidia.



Very good! Loved it.

Thank you so much for playing 🧡


It just feels wrong downloading such a fun game for free. Amazing work!

Thank you for your kind words 🧡🧡


It's excellent. How is this free?


Gracias Maikel! 🧡 Harvest has been good for us this year 🐭


¿Soy el único incauto subiendo el stat de Miracle? Mother of Many oh, hear thy prayer...!


(1 edit) (+4)

Me ha costado 9 noches y casi una muñeca pero lo he conseguido, que pasada de juego ties :_)

Muchas gracias por jugar con tanta pasión 🧡🔥


Excellent game. Frantic and addictive action. Congratulations on your game, guys.

Thank you sm for your kind words 💖

Show post...


Thank you for playing! ^w^)/🧡🧡


10/10 would murder my sister again




Tremebundo juegardo que os habéis marcado!


Muchas gracias por jugar! 🧡


So...I guess this is never happening for your 'Friends Killing Friends' game is it? I'm not the only one either, there are a bunch of people asking for a way to play offline with bots or something. 


Copypasting a previous message from our discord:
"We're still working on FKF, but we've had to stop posting updates on itch.io. Hopefully we have news relatively soon, but the next public update will have significantly a lot of more new stuff ^w^)"

Thank you so much for your interest in FKF!