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On June 2022 we asked queer developers on twitter the following questions:

🌈How does your queerness seep into your work?
💖What stuff has helped with existing as a queer person in the gamedev community? 

In this zine we compiled their answers alongside with their work in a scrapbook style, with a foreword from the Brainwash Gang. Our best hopes for this zine is to foster conversation over how to make the industry a gentler space for marginalized communities, and on the very least show anyone that follows us the work of small creators we find really cool ^w^)/ 

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AuthorBrainwash Gang


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such a great zine! Really dig the riso esque style too

Wow, this is a really amazing job, and the graphic is so cool and lovely <3

Haven't read it yet but what a cool idea! Excited to check this out :) 




Lovely compilation of all of the answers from other creators! Was also nice to see new and interesting artists/devs along with their artwork ♥